CtoJ starts 2008

ROFCon newest consulting spin-off goes live beginning 2008. For detailled information please visit CtoJ.


Detailed information sheets

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IT-Consulting is our core expertise.The consulting competence ranges from technology consulting, process and business consulting to IT-strategy consulting themes.


Technology consulting

You have to make a decision which technology to choose for your next software project and you need qualified consulting capacities? There is nothing wrong with your business if you are not up-to-date with the latest technologies. Concentrate on your core business and if you need help for technology decisions, contract experts.


Process and business consulting

The processes in your company are stuck? You need qualified help which tries not to "assimilate" you? Major consulting companies sell you there business and process model. The same they have sold to your rival - so where is your advantage?

That's not our way of process and business consulting. We will analyse your individual strengths and weaknesses and improve them in an ideal way for your individual business.


IT-strategy consulting

IT-strategy consulting is not a one-time show. Also one of the often heard promises. An IT strategy has to be well defined to your individual needs and perspectives in your business and it has to be controlled periodically.