CtoJ starts 2008

ROFCon newest consulting spin-off goes live beginning 2008. For detailled information please visit CtoJ.


Detailed information sheets

ROFCon papers, articles.

Software development

Our expertise in the software development is focused on object-oriented design and software architecture.

The software projects so far covered a wide range of technologies. Starting with software projects in
4GL languages to database programming and application development for mobile devices.

A list of technical competences:

  • Operating systems:
    • Linux
    • Windows (9x,NT,2K,XP)
    • Novell NetWare 4
  • DBMS:
    • MySql v3-v4
    • Oracle v7-v9
    • Sybase v11-v12
    • Paradox
  • Programming languages:
    • J2SE, J2EE
    • C, C++
    • Object Pascal
    • SQL, PL/SQL
    • scripting languages