CtoJ starts 2008

ROFCon newest consulting spin-off goes live beginning 2008. For detailled information please visit CtoJ.


Detailed information sheets

ROFCon papers, articles.


The numerous projects in which we participated had a variety of complexity.



The consulting projects ranged from IT strategy consulting for mid-size companies to research and development tasks for consultancies. Our project managemement mandates concentrated on software projects - from analysis to implementation. The range of our software development projects lasts from the analysis, design and development of small handy business applications for daily use to enterprise-critical business applications for worldwide operating enterprises.



The sectors involved ranged from financial institutions to certification companies for quality systems in the industrial and medical sector.


Here a little excerpt of the project activities:

  • IT strategy consulting for mid-size service-enterprises
  • Research and development of consulting solutions in the IT-security sector
  • Project management for several business intelligence projects for a financial institution.
  • Project management for several reengineering projects for IT service-enterprise.
  • Analysis, design and development of a RMBS software system
  • Analysis, design and development of a software system for the certification of quality systems
  • Analysis, design and development of a webpositioning software system
  • Coaching of programming languages in mid-size companies